Corporate Catering

Through the years at Waiters International  we have come to realise the needs of clients and thus have devised an individual pricing structure that clients can chose items from the menu below to cater to their budget requirements.

This is merely examples of fast line foods that are currently required in the market place. Should their be other culinary requirements we at Waiters International are able to supply please just e mail us giving us the type of menu you the client would like and we will immediately come back with a pricing strutcture on the items that you require. Items like fine French food, Chinese cuisine e.t.c. are also available on request.

All price are a per person rate.


Potato and Chives R9.50 - Mayo Noodle R9.50 - Curry Noodle R9.50 - Rice Salad R9.50 - Beetroot Salad R8.00 - Greek Salad R8.50 - French Salad R8.50 - Sambles R7.00 - Coleslaw R9.50 - Egg and Mayo Salad R10.50 - Mushroom Salad R13.50 - Carrot Salad R8.50 - 3 Beans Salad R8.50 - Chacklaka R9.00

Veggie Bar

Cream Spinach R13.50 - Sweet Pumpkin R8.50 - Veggie Bake R14.00 - Garlic Potatoes R9.50 - Roast Potatoes R7.00 - Stir Fry R9.00 - Pumpkin Fritters R13.50 - Cauliflower O'Brien R13.50 - Roasted Onions R5.50 - Onion Rings R7.50 - Sweet Carrots R9.50 - Mini Corn on Cobb R10.50 - Tender Asparagus Spears with Garlic Mustard R18.50 - Sweet Potatoes R10.00

Salad/Starters/Table Salads

All salads based and build onto a Greek salad

Avacado and Chicken Salad R19.95 {Seasonal} - Turkey and Blue cheese Salad R23.00 - Bacon and Avacado Salad R19.50 + nuts R3.00 {Seasonal} - Turkey and Melon Salad R19.50 - Traditional Biltong Salad R19.50 - Crumbed beef or Chicken with nuts and Avacado Salad R25.00 - Tomato and Cheese plate with Basel R25.00


All Starters are plated hot and cold

Stuffed Green Peppers R17.50 - Shrimp Cocktail R29.50 - Snails in a garlic butter R35.50 - Butterfly Prawns R35.50 - Garlic and Cheese Bread R15.50 - Nachos R20.90 - Cheese Black mushrooms R25.50 - Mini Mixed Platter R28.00 - Buf Wings in pineapple souse R18.50 - Crumbed Mushrooms R12.50 - Soup all flavours in cream R15.00 - Prawn Pâté with crackers R19.50 - 2 Pancakes with savoury fillings cold R19.50


Beef Roll R25.50 - Lamb R35.00 - KFC Chicken R20.00 - Beef Slices R25.00 - Chicken or Beef Crumbed R20.00 - Line Fish in a bake cream R30.00 - Line fish Fried R25.50 - Eat some more chicken R25.50 - Beef or Chicken Sosaties R19.00 - Beef, Chicken, Wild Game Hot Pot R29.00 - African Pot : Chicken , Beef , Wild Game R41.00 - Pasta: All sections R20.00 - Beef or Chicken Curry R30.00 - Beef or Chicken Lasagne R29.50 - Beef or Chicken Pie and all other pie dish R20.00 - Spare Ribs R32.00 - Pork Chops with apple souse R29.50 - T-Bones with onion and mushroom fry R30.00 - Xmas Turkey with bacon and rice stuffing R25.00 - Beef or Chicken Stroganoff R25.90 - Waiters International famous bacon and cheese pasta R20.00 - Waiters International famous mince and egg pasta R20.00 - Waiters International famous cottage and spaghetti pie R20.00 - Lamb Chops with mint souse R29.00

Braai / Spit Min of 40 people max of 4000 people

Braai Pack One: Wors, Chicken Wing, Sheep Chop R45.00 - Braai Pack Two: Wors, Lamb Chop, Chicken, Steak R60.00 - Braai Pack Three: T Bone, Lamb Chop, Chicken, Steak, Wors R72.95 - Braai Pack Four: Chicken or Beef Sosatie, T Bone, Lamb Chop, Chicken, Steak, Wors R85.00 - Add Pork Chops to any of the menus for R10.95 - Spit Braai – Beef Roll R28.95 {Min of 40 pax} - Spit Braai - Lamb R35.00 {Min of 80 pax} - Spit Braai – Beef Butt R 28.95 {Min of 40 pax} - Spit Braai – Pork R20.00 {Min of 40 pax}


Rice R6.00 - Yellow Rice R7.50 - Yellow Rice with Raisin R8.50 - Savoury Rice R10.00 - Pap R6.50 - Millie Pap R10.00 - Pap tart R19.00 - Long Rolls R3.50 - Round Rolls R3.50 - Baby Rolls R3.50 - Home made bread R3.50


Choc Swiss Roll and Ice Cream R18.50 - Sweet Pastry Platter: Mini Koeksisters, Peti Fours, Mini Doughnuts, Yster Varkies, Truffles R35.00 - Trifle R24.50 - Fresh Fruit Salad and Ice Cream R18.50 - Malva R12.00 - Sago R15.00 - Wedding Cakes from R600.00 - 2 Pancake with sweet fillings cold R19.00 {Plated} - Fruit Filled Meringues R14.50


All wine selection is based on Nederburg Range 1 glass per person. All boards come with dry fruits and crackers.

South African Cheese board R30.00 - South African Cheese board with local wine or sangria R39.00 - International Cheese board R45.00 - International Cheese board with local wine or sangria R55.00 - ADD BILTONG on your board for R15.00