1st Project (Cape Town / Johannesburg / National)
1st Project - 
By using only drums to create what can be best described as 'Aggressive Percussion', 1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry, and over the past eleven years have continued to captivate audiences with their unique musical style, passion and vigor... Click here to here their music.

340ml Band (Johannesburg / National)
340ml are 4 boys from Maputo, Mozambique, living a life of music (amongst other things) in Johannesburg, South Africa. They've been working as a collective since 2001, fusing their distinct personalities to release albums, travel the world, collaborate, feature, etc...pretty much what other bands do

Abavuki (Cape Town / National)
Abavuki is a group of young musicians from Langa, a township near Cape Town in South Africa. The name "Abavuki" which means "Wake up, early birds!" refers not only to their youth, but also to their philosophy of seizing the moment and getting things done for themselves. Click here to here their music.

Absolute Zero (Cape Town / National)
The band has existed for a little over five years now and in that time has written music that has led to the creation of their debut album 'Spirit.' Their music weaves melody, moods and rhythm in the inimitable Absolute Zero style. 'Spirit has been remixed and is being relaunched through the Sheer Sound group.

Ace Quartet (Cape Town / National)
The ACE Ensemble is made up some of Cape Town's top of Cape Town's top young professional musicians. These highly talented young women are making Western instrumental music more appealing to a wide audience. The versatile performers bring life to music from the early Baroque, through the Classical and Romantic periods, to contemporary hits.

African Drummer (National)
A combination, ranging from 2 to 12 dynamic drummers who provide your guests with the throbbing rhythms associated to the African bush. Our drummers perform with an array of drums, from the hand slapping Djemba to the reverb of the larger bass units and can, with the use of waist belts move amongst the guests.

African Jazz Pioneers (Johannesburg / National)
Ntemi Edmund Piliso, leader and a founding member of the African Jazz Pioneers, nourished the group from their humble roots to their current international acclaim. In the early 1950s, Ntemi and his "Alexandra All-Star Band" hit the cutting edge of South Africa's music scene, blending American urban big band style with traditional Majuba tempos and Marabi music influences. Click here to here their music

African Marimba Band (National)
The marimba is an idiophone that is sounded by striking wooden bars with a mallet. Its name is derived from Bantú languages in which rimba suggests a "flattish object sticking out" such as a note or key, and ma is a cumulative prefix; thus, marimba is equivalent to many keys.

Afritude, a three-piece band comprising Sylvester Dunn on lead vocals and brothers Derek and Mike on guitar and bass with sequenced backing has been together for over eight years and has built up a loyal following both on the pub circuit and the corporate function market.

Afro Blue (Durban / National)
Led by jazz educator, performer and composer Sue Barry on electric piano and keyboards, the group includes Philani Ngidi on electric bass and Karim Dariess on drums. Vocalist Lihle Ngidi has a warm natural delivery and her vocal range is extraordinary.

Afro Fiesta (Cape Town / National)
The music of Afro- Fiesta is a fusion of various styles incorporating Makosa, Latin, African Salsa Reggea and Kwasa-Kwasa. This lively band comprises of extraordinary talented male musicians who are constantly climbing the ladder of success since their beginning in 2000.

After Hours (Johannesburg / National)
After Hours is a 3-piece pop/rock party band from Kempton Park. 3 Males, Eben, Piet and Johnny each play and sing lead and harmony. We perform cover versions of various pop and rock hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s and include some Afrikaans songs as well.

amaAmbush (National)
amaAmbush is involved in the development of African music on the marimbas. The organization provides marimba teachers to schools, manufactures and supplies marimba instruments, and operates a number of performing marimba groups. amaAmbush's vision is to provide South African youth with opportunities to play African music.

Amampondo (National)
FORMED in 1979 by Mzikantu Zungula "Dizu" Plaatjies, the son of a traditional herbalist and healer, the core group consisted of seven young- boys from the same neighborhood in Langa township outside Cape Town. Click here to listen to their music.

Back 2 Back (Cape Town / National)
This versatile 7 – piece band will entertain you with music that you know and love from the 60's through to current popular chart toppers. The band members are: Kenny Bird, Angelo Simone, Jock Gordon, Peter Alcock, Clive Newton, Bruce Clayton, Madeleine Ginn.

Bala Brothers - (Johannesburg / National)
The Bala Brothers are a living testament that nothing great can be achieved without hard work and enthusiasm. They are world renowned for infusing Opera sounds with those of Popular African Music, which saw the birth of "Popera", a new generation of African inspired classical music. click here to here some of their music.

Battery 9 - National
The only "Industrial" act still active in South Africa. Imagine a minority within a minority, and you get the picture. Perhaps they provide South Africans with a much-needed dose of angst and speed, where you have the priviledge to be killed for your cellphone in beautiful sunshine - most days of the year. Click here to here some of their music.

Black Noise (Cape Town / National)
Black Noise is a hip-hop crew hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. The crew, along with Prophets of da City, is credited with being a pioneer of Cape Town's 'conscious' hip-hop scene in the late 80s and early 90s. The crew's line-up has changed significantly since the early 90s, but Emile YX has been the crew's mainstay.

Black Velvet  (Johannesburg / National)
They have entertained at more than 300 successful functions. The band plays anything from sophisticated Background to Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Straight Dance Music, Kwaito, Soul to Modern Contemporary, and genuine Rock 'n Roll late into the night.

Bongo Maffin (National)
Bongo Maffin has been called many things, many-a-times, in many countries, and yet what they are, or do, as a band is simply this: use their voices, bodies and souls as channels to a very urgent, highly rhythmic, African spirits in the form of music. Click here to listen to some of their music.

Cape Malays (Cape Town)
The Cape Malays, some of whose ancestors came to South Africa from Indonesia during the 17th and the 18th centuries, have developed a way of life which is a unique mixture of East and West. While many of their customs are determined by their religion, they gradually became westernised through contact with the Dutch at the Cape.

C'est La Vie (Johannesburg / National)
In French, "C'est La Vie" means "That's Life". In actuality, "C'est La Vie" is the combination of two names – Lauren and Vincent, a sophisticated duo combining 30 years of solid music experience with sexy, sassy, youthful exuberance and extra-ordinary vocal talent.

Chix with Stix (Johannesburg / National)
There is a preconceived idea that girls can't drum, but Chix with Stix have eliminated that thought from any skeptics mind forever. Initially attracting audiences purely out of fascination, Chix with Stix now has a solid fan base that is constantly growing. Click here to see them in action!

Coda (Cape Town / National)
Their distinctive sound gained immediate popularity amongst an astonishingly broad range of audiences – CODA's diversity has resulted in a new style of South African music that appeals to audiences from Soweto to Paarl, from Gugulethu to Bloemfontein and from Dubai to the Seychelles.

Coleske (Johannesburg / National)
Two brothers, Ewald and Arnold Colseke, make up the South African band Coleske. They have already attained international success with the worldwide release of their debut album, courtesy of Warner Music International.

Cutting Jade (Johannesburg / National)
The band, currently in the process of completing their long awaited fourth studio album aptly entitled "From Nothing", has firmly cemented themselves as one of South Africa's endearing rock acts. They have toured extensively both nationally and in far off places such as England, Germany and France and they are back, reunited, refreshed, renewed and ready to rock!

Denim the Band (Johannesburg / National)
Widely regarded as one of SA's Top Live Acts, DENIM have a string of hits to their name, and performances at some of the most prestigious events in South Africa. The list of blue chip clients that have booked them for their corporate events includes Microsoft, ABI, SAB, Edcon, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Boxing SA, Sun International, Unilevers, De Beers, Colgate etc.

Die Cambells (Cape Town / National)
Die Campbells" (Tony and Harry) inherited their great musical talent from their dad Harry Campbell (snr) which performed with allot of well known South African bands. Both Campbells learned to play instruments at a very young age and at the same time mastered the art of doing gigs.

Dixie Swingers (Cape Town / National)
With the gorgeous weather we've had in Cape Town it's strange to think that mid winter has come and gone, the days are getting longer and we're on our way to summer with outdoor socials and events that make our life in South Africa so special. 

Dizu Kudu Horn Ensemble (Johannesburg / National)
Headed by the founder of the renowned Amampondo percussion band The Dizu Kudu Horn Ensemble is undoubtedly the most original African ensemble in South Africa. Audiences would be excused if they perceived a group of North American Indians.

DNA Strings (Cape Town / National)
DNA Strings are one of South Africa's best-known instrumental bands, playing an average of 16 shows per month all over the country. They have won awards for Best Live Performance, Best Duo/Group, Best Contempory Band and Best Contempory Album and have received numerous nominations including Best Instrumental Band.

Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels (Johannesburg / National)
Basing their first album on classic Eddy Grant and Dr. Alban hits performed in their own unmistakable style of pop afro-reggae with the addition of their original compositions, they established their sound and live performance magic firmly across the nation in the early nineties.

Eden (Johannesburg / National)
EDEN is South Africa 's answer to the boy-band pop phenomena that has taken the music world by storm. But there is one difference: EDEN also sings in Afrikaans! All the right elements are present in EDEN : exquisite voices and harmonies, youthful looks, great dance steps and songs.

Ernie Moonphase 5ive (Cape Town / National)
Affectionately known to her fans as 'Ernie', Ernestine Deane has gained huge popularity in South Africa as lead vocalist for live hip hop band, Moodphase5ive. Having released two albums with the band, Steady On and in Superdeluxe Mode, she releases her debut solo album, dub for Mama in April 2007.

Foto na Dans (Johannesburg / National)
Foto na Dans was formed when vocalist Le Roi Nel joined Theuns, Dirkie, Neil and Alex, who previously played in a band together. It took seven years in and out of projects for the members to finally find the right combination. Foto na Dans is the result of creative self-expression that has not heeded to commercial influences, finding and establishing their own new significant sound in Afrikaans.

Four Past Midnight
A dynamic and versatile band, Four Past Midnight... pride themselves not only in the professional standard of their music, but also in the balance that they are able to maintain between energy and elegance during live performances.Four Past Midnight consists of three members: Giselle is the band's lead vocalist. she also plays the saxophone, flute and acoustic guitar.

Freshly Ground
Freshlyground formed in early 2002, and is made up of seven talented and diverse musicians from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Fronted by the diminutive but dynamic Zolani Mahola, the band exudes a live performance energy that has been the bedrock of their success.

Gang of Instrumentals
GANG of Instrumentals is a critically-acclaimed South African urban-pop group, founded in 2002. This Johannesburg based group consists of Tumi 'Lady Naturelle' Masemola, Mandla N- Pimville spokesman, and 'Bongo' Riot Zungu.

Havana Gas
Our reliability and ability to adapt to any audience has made us firm favourites at top venues such as the American Club in Singapore, Sun City Superbowl, Oakfield Farm, Avianto, the Sandton Hilton, the Rosebank Park Hyatt, the Sandton Sun, Summerplace, Glenburn Lodge etc. Relax – and enjoy all the compliments from your guests

Hot Water
South African singer, song-writer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, facilitator and band leader, Donovan Copley, has a talent not only for creating uplifting and authentic South African music…he has the knack for bringing together a consistently evolving group of musicians from very diverse backgrounds with an ever-fresh musical result that leaves audiences feeling inspired and proud to be South African.

Iridium Project
Iridium Project was born in 2001 and has become one of South Africa's premier live dance acts. The act comprises three of South Africa's top artists, who each are individual successes in their own right. Craig De Sousa, Nick Matthews and Ricardo Morretti joined forces to create the success, that is, IRIDIUM PROJECT. One Lu Chase adds another dimension to the group as the featured vocalist and resident beauty.

Jesse Jordan Band
Icons are never born. They are made, and attained through blood, sweat and tears, weathered by time, shaped by talent and endued with just enough luck before being ushered onto the stage of mass consciousness. Take South African rock sensation Jesse Jordan Band for instance.

Jinger Joe / The Slickers
Verny, Tuxx and Neill have had a long history of successes in the music industry as all three members have performed in various top South African bands over the years.

Just Jinger
When it comes to recent homegrown South African Rock, no other band has ignited the imagination of thousands of fans the country over quite just like Just Jinger.

Kwela Tebza
Formed in 1994; through the influence of their mother, Kwela Tebza comprises of three brothers Mpho,Tebogo and Tshepo Lerole. This trio forms a portion or rather is the most recent generation from South Africa’s most recognized Kwela family that has put this genre of music (Kwela) on the map.

Loading Zone
Loading Zone started performing in Johannesburg, backing Brenda Fassie in 1990. Soon after, they were offered their first independent gig to perform at Kippies, at the Market Theatre. Soon thereafter they secured a residency at one of the funkiest clubs at the time, the Cotton Pub in Hillbrow.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo
LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO are South Africa's foremost proponents of the Iscathamiya style of singing, and have grown to be one of the country's premier cultural exports.

IN December 2001, the talented trio of Mafikizolo nearly perished in an accident when two of its members Nhlanhla Sibongile Mafu and Theo Kgosinkwe had to be hospitalised after their car was involved in a smash with a train in North West province. God's hand saved them and as they would explain, it brought them much closer.

Malaika is a pop group from South Africa made up of Jabulani Herald Ndaba (Jabulani), Matshediso Florence Mholo (Tshedi), and Bongani Kevin Nchang (Bongani). They consider their producer, Guffy Pilane, a fourth member. Their style can be grouped under kwaito, rock or Afro-pop.

South Africa 's premier all-female A Cappella quartet, Mamavox focuses the talents and power of four solo voices into ensemble singing of exceptional beauty and impact. Cape Town 's top singers, Amanda Tiffin , Lisa Bauer and Monique Hellenberg and Mimi Ntenjwa combine their performing expertise to create a truly original entertainment solution.

Mango Groove
While Claire is perhaps in one sense best known to music fans as the voice and face of Mango Groove, in parallel with her Mango Groove career she has pursued a variety of successful solo projects that have made her much loved in her own right, and that have reinforced her status as a South African entertainment icon.

Motswako String Quartet
An excellent alternative to other renowned African String Quartets The Motswako String Quartet, comprising violinists Bernard Madumo and Tshepo Mngoma, violist Tshepo Komane and cellist Kutlwano Masote was formed in 2000 initially under the name Four at Play.

N2 Band
Popular Cape Town band N2 originally featured brothers Noël (keyboards) and Neugen Wentzel (bass guitar) who formed a duet in 1987. The name N2 was derived from the shared first letter of their first names.

New Sons Cartel
NSC is a Cape Town based original Hip Hop/RB group. Since starting in 2005, they have performed at countless clubs and venues of various clientele, such as Cinnamon, Zula Bar, Orchard Bank, atmosphere, Mint (Joburg) including annual festivals such as: the festive Switching on of the Lights (Company Gardens) and the street filling Cape Town Night Market (Adderley Street).

Joe Niemand of the band Niemand is well-known in the South African music industry and gets accolades for his songwriting abilities. Joe produced and wrote the song "I Don't Live There Anymore" which featured on the teen horror film Slash, screened at the Cannes Film Festival where it was selected by Universal International for worldwide distribution.

Nueva Mexican
Nuevo Mexicana (Latin American Party Band) is a 5-piece Party Band with 3 additional singers and is available for any kind of function, big or small and come with their own sound equipment and technician. What better choice to make for your function or party.

Palm Springs
The Palm Strings Duo is becoming associated with weddings throughout the Western Cape.

Prime Circle
South Africas most popular and talked about band since the bands formation in 2001 - to say that the band have been a success story is an understatement.

Salsa Candela
Salsa Candela is a Latin dance band based in Cape Town, South Africa, focusing on authentic Afro-Caribbean music, which has recently been popularised by the release of the movie "Buena Vista Social Club".

Sans of Time
Sans of Time, through a fine balance of technical skill and meeting nothing less than world class service-level standards, have managed to achieve a sustained level of extreme client satisfaction over a number of years.

Shabby Doris
The music can best be described as a lively collection of pub favorites.

Soweto String Quartet
A band that today needs no introduction in South Africa, and in fact worldwide! The Soweto String Quartet emerged during the 80's around the nucleus of the three Khamese brothers, violinists Sandile and Thami and cellist, Reuben. The Khamese brothers attend their uncle's music school with Sandile and Reuben later serving as violinists in the Soweto Symphony Orchestra.

Steel Drums Dance Company
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Steel Drums Dance Company. Allow us to take you on a tour from Africa to Trinidad and Tobago and back to Africa.

The Dirty Skirts
Their sound is steeped in an alternative rock tradition stretching back some fourty odd years.

The finkelstiens
The Finkelstiens were a pop-punk band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They disbanded in 2008. Band members were Wang, Worm and Chompa Finkelstien. They provided the main soundtrack to the MTV movie called Crazy Monkey: Straight Outta Benoni! Over the years they've built a large fan base and signed a new drummer.

The Parlotones
Audiences watching The Parlotones are swept up in a whirlwind of energy and rock orchestrated by front man Kahn Morbee.

The Rockets
The Rockets have always had a definite and precise attitude to their career right from its inception, having survived both the feverishness and fluctuations of the music business.

The Soul Brothers
Initially formed in KwaZulu Natal, the group have remained the slickest and most successful proponents of the mbaqanga sound which dominated South African urban music for over three decades.