Kidies Rides

Mini Tractor and Swing Carousel Combo:

Steam train and swing carousel with 6 seats. 3m High. All ages up to 50kg - R4800 for 3 hours.

Requirements: Swing carousel requires a plug point, a flat surface of a 8m radius, a 3m height clearance and access for a trailer.

Fun Fair Rides:

Operating time and fees are seasonal.

  • Mini Ferris Wheel: 6 Chairs, 5m high. All ages - R4000.00 for 3 hours
  • Swing Carousel: 4 Seats, 3m high. Ages 2 - 10 - R4000.00 for 3 hours.
  • Merry go round: 6 Seats, 3m high. All ages up to 50kg - R4200.00 for 3 hours.


Terms and Conditions for Equipment Hire:

  • All of the above quotes exclude any extra time.
  • Requiremants may vary depending on the ride. All equipment needs vehicle access and a level ground as well as power points.
  • Some rides have height restrictions.
  • Above fees may change depending on delivery area requirements


Animal Fun

Mobile Farm: up to 7 years old.

Small Farm:

  • 1 x Miniature horse (pony ride)
  • 1 x Goat
  • 1 x Sheep
  • 2 x Ducks
  • 2 x Chickens
  • 4 x Rabbits

Children are allowed to touch and feed the animals.
Fee: R4300.00 for 3 hours.
Price Exluding travel.


Large Farm:

  • 2 x Miniature horse (pony ride)
  • 2 x Goat
  • 2 x Sheep
  • 3 x Ducks
  • 4 x Chickens
  • 6 x Rabbits

Children are allowed to touch and feed the animals.
Fee: R4500.00 for 3 hours.
Price Exluding travel.


Requirements: Easy access for animals to walk

Terms and Conditions for Animal Hire:

  • All above quotes exclude any extra time.
  • Easy access for vehicles, parking, loading and unloading of animals


Important Notes Applicalble to Entertainers and Equipment Hire:


  • Due to constant petrol price increases, above quotes are subject to change.
  • Above fee does not include a representative or event coordinator from Waiters International to be on site on the day of the event. Please contact us should you require somebody. All of the above quotes are only valid in the Johannesburg area.
  • Quotes are only valid for 30 days
  • Hiring of all equipment and entertainers are subject to standard Terms and Conditions.
  • All quotes are excluding VAT.
  • Quotes are subject to availability of entertainers and equipment. Should you wish to confirm please contact us to check availability and final quote.
  • We will send you a booking form and contract.

We have a comprehensive data base, suitable for every age and event. Should there be something you require not listed please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Aircraft Rides
Aircraft Type Bell Jet Ranger (4 seater)
Rate per hour R7550.00 - Exclusive of VAT (subject to availabilty)
Flight time +/- 3 Hours
Crew 1 per aircraft
Times are estimates only and can change as a result of routing and wind


  • Costs are based on the aircraft with pilot
  • Pilot's S$T - R250 per day
  • Landing Fees and Clearances - charged accordingly
  • VAT - 14%

We have 5 Jet Rangers, 3 Long Rangers and 1 Bell 407


General Terms and Conditions:
Any costs incurred as a result of having to divert due to weather or any other cause whatsoever.