Waiters International uses stringent processes and methodologies when it comes to profiling, recruiting, screening and vetting of all our employees.

Staff Profilling

Waiters International uses a number of tools to assess industry specific and behavioral dimensions such as customer service, ability to resolve problems. The profiling methodology is designed to assist Waiters International to:

  1. Employ the right people
  2. Assign the right people to the right jobs
  3. Get the wrong people out of the system

The advantages of using profiling tools are:

  1. Reduction on staff turnover
  2. Improvement of th quality of staff
  3. Increase the impact of training
  4. Reduce absenteeism
  5. Increase recruitment efficiencies


Waiters International by way of its Industry Specializationunderstands the dynamics of the hospitality indujstry and is focused on employing staff with specific profiles. These are:

  1. Behavior and Personality
  2. Motivation
  3. Compentencies
  4. Attitude>

Staff need to demonstrate the following attributes:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Ownership
  5. Quality Focus


Managed Approach Principles


  1. Recruitment specific to project
  2. Recruitment to client's requirements and standards
  3. Industry trained capable staff
  4. Honesty and servfice ethic qualities in staff
  5. Matching of candidate profile to client profile


Screening and Vetting


  1. At least 2 years experience in an environment with similar standards
  2. No employment gaps
  3. Two verbal reference checks that are documented on a standard template. References are taken only from previous employers and managers, not colleagues or family.
  4. Criminal checks will be done as an extra service through the SAPS database on all new candidates.
  5. Identity verification through ID documents


Recruitment Media


  1. Print Advertising - Waiters International makes use of all major newpaper career portals and publicatios to advertise temporary and permanent positions.
  2. Printed posters and pamphlets are also used as a more visual medium in areas with difficult access to newspaper publications.
  3. Word of mouth - Waiters International notifies our existing workforce of vacancies. This is a very effective method due to staff networking in the industry.
  4. Educational training establishments.




  1. All the processes and documentation mentionaed above will be kept on file at our site office and will be available to your Management should you need to verify the recruitment process for a specific staff member.


  • Once employees are loaded onto our system, Waiters International will issue pre-printed timesheets on a weekly basis. Department Heads fill in timesheets which are collected by 09h00 on Monday. The Waiters International Contract Manager will check the integrity of the timesheet, from where they are sent to our payroll department for processing



Time and Attendance System


  1. An electronic time and attendance system can be implemented which will change the manual timesheet to an electronic timesheet format.
  2. Daily productivity reports can be generated in order to be aware of, and control, cost on a daily basis.
  3. The system is GSM based and can therefore be utilitzed in remote areas as well


Company Details

Waiters International was established in 1999 and has developed into a leading brand in the Hospitality Industry in South Africa.

  • Focus on Core Business
    Our core business is to manage outsourced workforces, thereby removing time consuming and costly duties relating to the recruitment training, administration and management of staff.
  • By outsourcing workforces and services to Waiters International, we will deliver value through:

    1. Quality Service
    2. Client Focus
    3. Product Knowledge
    4. Labour Cost Flexibility
    5. Profitability Management
    6. Long-term Sustainable Competitor Advantage
    7. Technological Innovation
  • Total Adherence and Compliance to Legislation
    We follow the letter of the law in all we do and indemnify our clients of all statutory matters, which are under our cont6rol. Waiters International is completely risk free.
  • Employment Equity
    We are committed to the future of South Africa and have an Employment Equity Plan to be proud of. Our investment in social projects is focesed on those which help grow and develop the nation.
  • Accountabgility for Agreed Deliverables and Productivity
    1. Waiters International is accountable for defined and agreed deliverables with regard to productivity, efficient rostering, and attendance and service levels.
    2. The deliverables from the basis of our managed approach, a process that is defined, measured, evaluated and reviewed on a regular basis.
    3. Upon commencement of the contract, Waiters International will agree to Key Deliverables with your Management.
    4. On a monthly basis, our delivery and performance will be measured in terms of the critical success factors.
  • We are Passionate about our Business and our Partnership
    Your business is important to us, and we assure you that our managed approach will bring a higher level of commitment and service to your relationship with Waiters International. We are passionate about our business and Waiters International would be delighted to be chosen as your Business Partner


Waiters International's Objective


  • Waiters International takes a strategic and long-term view of business partnerships
  • Cultivate relationships with our people and our clients that reflect our values and standards
  • Empower our peopleto achieve their maximum potential and reward their achievements
  • Maintain mutual trust and transparencyby our commitment to integrity in our relationships with our clients, people, suppliers and competitors.
  • Commit to providing measurable service delivery to our clients in their specific business environment in an ever changing fluctuating commercial environment.
  • Utilise appropriate customized and efficient systems, processes and solutions.
  • Achieve profitability, create employment and maintain growth and development.


Waiters International's Value Statement

At Waiters International we are client focused solution finders who enjoy the challenge of applying creativity and knowledge to an invigorating and testing environment.

We achieve cohesion and superior results through common purpose and shared values working in a spirit of partnership with our clients.

  • We have a passion for quality, excellence and vallue.
  • We behave with honesty and integrity while building high levels of knowledge.
  • We are committed to a service ethic and show respect for one another.
  • Courage is required in making hard decisions. We acknowledge this.
  • We take pride in doing our jobs well and show sensitivity towards our clients.
  • We are driven by our shared vision of the future and our determination to deliver.
  • We appreciate that our differences and diversity make us stronger.
  • Ours is an around-the-clock commitment to our business because we understand the responsibilities and timescales of the hospitality and catering industry.
  • Further more, we at Waiters International ensures that its employees know and conduct themselves in terms of our values and habits by way of induction and motivation, issues its workforce with our values and winning habits.


Value Added Services

Waiters International is able to offer the following services and products to our clients:

Waiters From R35.00 per hour
Barman From R35.00 per hour
Cleaners From R25.00 per hour
Event Security P.O.R
Promotional Girls P.O.R
Hosts From R60.00 per hour